About Us

This website serves as a worldwide Lawyer and Law Firm Directory and was created to make it easier for people from any country to search for lawyers.

It is a FREE resource that allows individuals and businesses to find a lawyer for practically any legal case. The straightforward structure of this site, easy to use attorney search system and multilingual viewing ability help make the process of finding the right attorney or law firm as quick and simple as possible. In fact, we offer you several convenient search methods with a multitude of information input filters to help you almost instantly narrow down your search to exactly what you are seeking. Plus, you can sort all results by distance or alphabetically for easier viewing. 

Very often a person from one country finds himself, for one reason or another, in need of a lawyer in another country. A person or a company from France might be seeking professional legal help of an attorney in the United States. Other times, a person from the USA needs a lawyer in Russia, Germany, or another country. There are many offers available on the internet.

  • How do you choose a lawyer that will help and not hurt?
  • How do you find a lawyer that will be pleasant and easy to communicate with?
  • How to choose a lawyer in another country if you do not know the language of the country where you need legal assistance?

Of course, later you can hire a translator, if required, but how do you understand the specialty of a lawyer in the beginning? A mistake made in choosing a lawyer is sometimes worse than a mistake made in choosing a doctor. It is very important to quickly and correctly select not just the attorney that will simply agree to take your payment, but one that will actually help you solve your problem. If you want to utilize services of an attorney in your own country but in another city, state or region, choosing the right attorney is not any less important. Even if you want to find a legal professional in your local area, it is still extremely important to make the right choice. You can make no mistake here.

It is these and many other questions that this website will help you answer. Utilizing our website, you get instant access to several helpful services, like:

• Easy-to-use worldwide attorney directory

• Legal advice Blogs & Forums

• Access to Legal Forms for just about any case

Information about each lawyer and law firm on our site is presented in an easy to understand format and includes such vital information as the lawyer's full name, law firm's name, list of areas of law that he or she specializes in, available service languages and, of course, detailed contact information, such as address, phone number(s), fax, e-mail, etc. If a lawyer has a website, a direct link for it will also be provided in his or her profile. 

All you have to do is review the information provided and directly contact the lawyer that you have chosen, so that he/she can help you in your legal matter.

We hope to make your search for the right lawyer easier and more pleasant!