Lawyer Joke - Getting Back The Money Owed To You

posted by: August 25, 2015

A Client (C) comes to his Lawyer (L), asking for legal advice.

C: My neighbor owes me $500 and doesn't want to return it. Can I somehow sue him to get the money back?

L: Sure but you will need written proof that he owes you. Do you have it?

C: I'm afraid not. It was just a verbal agreement.

L: Then write him a letter, demanding that he immediately pays you back $1000.

C: But he only owes me $500.

L: That's exactly what his response will be.… Read more

Sorting of attorney search results has been introduced - several methods

posted by: August 10, 2015

We have now released an update to the way that attorney search results are displayed in the directory. This has been a widely requested feature that we have been working on and we are glad to announce its completion.

Whenever a search is conducted around a particular location like city or zip code (which in fact is how most people search for a lawyer), results are automacitally displayed, sorted out by distance from the entered location. Alternatively, a user can… Read more