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Benefits of getting your listing on BestLawyerToday.com

1) You will likely obtain a stream of new clients through our site. Depending on your area(s) of law, these clients may not only be from your local area but also from other cities, states and even countries.

This will occur because anyone looking for an attorney in your specific area would be able to easily find your detailed information on our site, due to an easy-to-use attorney search system and rationally placed information about you in our directory.

2) In order for the greatest possible number of people to visit our site and find your specific information, we run extensive and very diverse advertising campaigns of our site in different countries and in various languages, as much as possible both on the internet and offline.

This means that you can enjoy a targeted stream of new clients that you would otherwise likely not have received.

3) From the point of consumer psychology, you automatically gain an advantage by allowing potential clients to find your information in a directory with a strong name like "BestLawyerToday".



How are we different? (Let's have an honest chat)

 Very cost effective! Yes, we are a PAID directory but we do NOT charge you hundreds of dollars per month like some directories do. (Not even close)

Our listing is only US$145/year for law firms with up to 10 lawyers and 1 office location. That's just $0.40 per day! We constantly reinvest into marketing and improving our platform to attract more satisfied visitors (your potential clients). Which means that we're investing in you and your law firm!

 We do NOT give you a profile with very limited features that probably won't bring you any results & then try to upsell you to a better option.

Everyone gets the same fully functional and feature-rich profile right away!

Our directory offers visitors a very targeted, flexible & easy-to-use Search system. This includes many search fields to choose from & a Search by Distance feature. (Most directories don't have this)

Vital info about each lawyer, including areas of law, contact info & a personalized headline appear immediately in search results, even before viewing the detailed profile. (This is usually an expensive upsell with most directories)

 We do NOT charge you every time a new client wants to contact you - that just wouldn't be fair! (But surprisingly some directories do exactly that)

As long as you have an active profile, potential clients can view all of your info & instantly contact you.

 Do you like having other lawyers' ads show up on your profile page? We didn't think so! So there are NO ADS on your profile page to avoid distracting your potential clients.

 Make unlimited changes to your profile any time you want.

Want to change your address? - No problem! Want to add more areas of law? - No problem! Got a new video that you want to place inside your profile? - No problem!

 Utilize our legal advice Blogs & Forums to share your expertise and attract more clients.

People look for legal information and advice all the time. If you share some of your knowledge on a legal topic, you become an authority in the eyes of a potential client and they are even more likely to hire you.

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To get your lawyer listing in our directory, please complete the following 4 simple steps:

1. Register on our site by visiting the Registration page.

2. Log in & confirm your registration

3. In the Members area, click "Add Lawyer Profile" and fill out the information for as many lawyer listings as you would like to have.

4. Submit your listing(s) payment: Just send us a message via the Contact Us form to let us know which plan you would like to start with, according to the following pricing structure. We will quickly email you an electronic invoice with a secure checkout link, so that you can instantly submit the payment.


Annual Lawyer Listing prices in $US (per number of offices and lawyers):

$145 - 1 office and up to 10 lawyers

$245 - up to 2 offices and 11 to 20 lawyers

$345 - up to 3 offices and 21 to 50 lawyers

$445 - up to 4 offices and 51 to 100 lawyers

$545 - up to 5 offices and 101 to 200 lawyers

$645 - up to 6 offices and 201 to 500 lawyers

$745 - up to 7 offices and 501+ lawyers

Each additional office is $100/year


A few examples:

A law firm with 1 office and 18 lawyers - $245 / year

A law firm with 2 offices and 10 lawyers - $245 / year

A law firm with 4 offices and 120 lawyers - $545 / year

A law firm with 9 offices and 640 lawyers - $945 / year


Payment Options:

Credit/Debit card or PayPal

Check by mail

Bank / Wire Transfer - please contact our support for details


- If you have any questions that you would like to discuss in advance, you can easily request a call back from us. Just send us a message through the "Contact Us" page, indicating your best contact number. You can also call us directly at:

(978) 704-1529 or (978) 704-1LAW

To discuss your marketing options, please